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The Intellectual Property Team serves Indian and global businesses to obtain and enforce intellectual property rights - patents, trademarks, design and copyright by assisting in filing, prosecution, registration, licensing, valuation and defending rights against infringement.

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Trade-dress Infringement - It’s all about the looks

Comparing colour scheme adopted, the method and placement of various elements on the packaging by two entities selling digestive biscuits to determine trade dress infringement...
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Internet broadcasting companies to come within the ambit of statutory licensing

Internet broadcasting organizations communicating work to the public will be required to pay royalty fixed by the Copyright Board...
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Controller overreach or common sense? - A tale of Section 83 of the Patents Act

Two recent decisions of the Kolkata Patent Office, involving biological materials, raise lot of questions, which may seriously prejudice the interests of applicants...
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APAA Council Meeting, 2016

8-11 October 2016, Bali
APAA will be organising its 66th Council Meeting...
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