Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan AttorneysAn ISO 9001 / 27001 certified law firm


A full service law firm, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan (L&S) draws strength from a rich pool of diverse talents. 32 senior professionals at the level of Partner help in steering the firm to its goals of efficiency, transparency and quality. Each Partner is unique, bringing in expertise in policy formulation and decision-making in public administration, industry experience, academics and litigation skills.

They are also able to form a cohesive unit which supports the edifice of knowledge, practice and growth. To know more about Partners/Directors, please search under People.

Ajay Joseph
Partner, Mumbai
Amit Jain
Partner, Delhi
Anand Nainawati
Partner, Ahmedabad
Anil Dutt
Partner, Delhi
Bipin Kumar Verma
Partner, Delhi
Devnath M P
Partner, Delhi
Gajendra Jain
Partner, Mumbai
Hasija R K
Partner, Delhi
Iype Mathew
Director, Delhi
Jayant Dasgupta
Executive Partner, New Delhi
Jaya Pandeya
Joint Partner, New Delhi
Kalpesh Shah
Partner, Mumbai
Karan Talwar
Partner, Hyderabad
L. Badrinarayanan
Partner, Mumbai
Malathi Lakshmikumaran
Director, New Delhi
Manish Gaur
Partner, Delhi
Mathivanan N
Principal Partner, Delhi
Dr. Mukundan Chakrapani
Director, New Delhi
Nambirajan R
Principal Partner, Mumbai
Narasimhan B L
Principal Partner, Delhi
Niloy Pyne
Senior Partner
Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan, Kolkata
P. Sridharan
Director, Chennai
Parthasarathy R
Principal Partner, Chennai
Radhika Sankaran
Partner, Delhi
Raghavendra Rao
Executive Partner & Country Head, New Delhi
Rahul Beruar
Partner, Delhi
Rahul Ray
Executive Partner, Delhi
R Raghavan
Partner, Chennai
Ravi R
Partner, Bangalore
Sandeep Kumar Sachdeva
Partner, Pune
Seetharaman S
Principal Partner, Delhi
Sheetal Vohra
Partner, New Delhi
Shivadass G
Principal Partner, Bangalore
Sudish Sharma
Executive Partner & Practice Head, New Delhi
Sumeet Khurana
Director, Chandigarh
S Vasudevan
Partner, Delhi
Tapas Ram Misra
Executive Partner, New Delhi
V. Sivasubramanian
Director & Practice Head, New Delhi
Vaidya D P
Executive Partner, Pune
Vijaya Sampath
Senior Partner, New Delhi
Viswanathan T
Principal Partner, Mumbai
V. Lakshmi Kumaran
Founder and Managing Partner, Delhi
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