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The Intellectual Property Team serves Indian and global businesses to obtain and enforce intellectual property rights - patents, trademarks, design and copyright by assisting in filing, prosecution, registration, licensing, valuation and defending rights against infringement.

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Groundless infringement threats

To avoid proceedings under Section 106 it is important to ensure that IP rights are being infringed and are valid, before issuing any notice for infringement...
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Patent refusal for Enzalutamide: An overview

Injunction at a later point of time, if HC allows patent, may be difficult as generics have already started selling the product...
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Guidelines for patentability of computer related inventions – Is this the final chapter?

The revised guidelines on patentability of computer-related inventions remove novel hardware requirements and would encourage filing of patent application in India in field of...
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IIPLA 4th Dubai IP Congress 2018

15th & 16th January, 2018, Dubai
The two day conference on “Integrating IP into Changing International Landscape” will discuss...
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