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The Intellectual Property Team serves Indian and global businesses to obtain and enforce intellectual property rights - patents, trademarks, design and copyright by assisting in filing, prosecution, registration, licensing, valuation and defending rights against infringement.

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Standard Essential Patents - The ‘Philips’ judgement & unanswered questions

While judgment on Standard Essential Patents is important, questions on establishment of essentiality and determination of FRAND rates are yet to be answered...
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Goodwill and reputation of trademark in India- Worldwide prior use plays significant role

Whether application of “first in the market test” will give primacy to unregistered marks in India which are otherwise in prior use worldwide...
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Foreign filing license – Some issues

Various remedies in case of rejection of FFL, both when secrecy direction is imposed and when same is not imposed are...
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Conference call on Biodiversity Act - Prior approval for past acts

15th November 2018
Conference will enlighten entities or persons on provisions of Sections 3, 4 and 6 of the BDA and various other compliances and exemptions....
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