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This section contains the archived works published by professionals of Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan. It serves as a library of all articles, papers and other works published in this website or in other journals, magazines, newspapers or other media. The external publications are re-published after obtaining consent therefor from the first publisher. In respect of a few articles, excerpts from such publications have been provided along with source which may contain the full text.

News & Updates

This section contains archived content pertaining to write-ups on news and updates. The news and updates provided in the home page of each domain (Tax, IPR & Corporate) are available in this section once new content is uploaded in the home page. Being archives, the content in this section indicate those which were making news during a particular period in the past.


This section contains archived information relating to events under all domains. Past events and related content in these pages can be accessed by rolling cursor over the title of the events provided in inside pages.

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