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IIPLA 3rd Annual Meeting 2018

International Intellectual Property Law Association (IIPLA) is organising its 3rd Annual Meeting in San Francisco on 22nd and 23rd of October, 2018. 

This meeting will witness discussion on many intellectual property related issues, including the following topics:
  • Worldwide Patent Filing Trends.
  • IP in IT & Software: What’s new?
  • Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property: What are the prospects?
  • International Transactions in Information: The case for uniform principles
  • Licensing & Transaction Strategies for Big Portfolios
  • Copyright & Trademark: What they can learn from each other on the internet frontier of trademark protection
  • IP Strategies for Startups
  • Worldwide Trademark Protection & Enforcement
  • IP Litigation: Problems and Solutions
  • Fun with IP clauses in agreements as part of global strategies to enable your business model, financing, and deal-making
  • IP Valuation: Methods & levels of evaluation
  • The current state of software patenting in the US and best practices for drafting and prosecuting software patents before the USPTO.
  • Block chain and Bitcoin: New patent opportunities?

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