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Anti-trust and Competition Law

Anti-trust and competition law are important for orderly development of any economy. With the rapid growth of economy and industry, India has enacted a comprehensive competition regime for curtailing anti-competitive practices. Unlike the erstwhile Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices law, the new Competition Law is economics-centered and follows a market-based approach. The establishment of the Competition Commission of India has accelerated the development of competition law in India and several investigations have been initiated into various arrangements and industries in India.

Agreements and Arrangements

The competition laws in India are designed to capture a variety of arrangements including vertical and horizontal arrangements, arrangement leading to abuse of dominant position and intellectual property licenses. Therefore, it has become necessary to ensure that the large number of agreements that are entered on behalf of the enterprises are compliant from a competition standpoint and in cases of dispute, the agreements be defended.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The provisions relating to mergers and acquisition continue to be well-known and widely discussed. With the prescribed thresholds for mergers getting established, Competition Team in L&S work closely with M&A Team to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements and to present the transaction for review by the Competition Commission.

L&S Team

For the past 15 years, practitioners in L&S have been defending enterprises, both Indian and foreign, against such actions in the area of competition law, anti-dumping and countervailing measures. Apart from being qualified attorneys, practitioners in L&S have advanced accounting and economics background, which has ensured proper legal advice being provided to clients. The Competition Team has expertise in drafting and reviewing agreements, obtaining M&A approvals and framing competition compliance strategy for enterprises. It has vast experience in representing clients before judicial and statutory authorities.