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Private Equity

Private Equity practice in India is unique due to the organization of Indian economy. The economy is driven by a large number of family owned and managed companies and a relatively high number of listed companies, all of which face lack of liquidity in the market despite having large available capital. This presents a unique opportunity for private equity in India for making financial and operational contribution.

Choice of Investment

The nature of Indian companies and local laws and procedures entail a thorough and systematic strategy for investment and exit from companies. Several choices of investment are available to suit the individual requirements. These choices range from outright buyouts with the requisite restructuring and reorganization of the company, structured investments, support to established businesses for further growth in the form of capital funds and roll ups to ensure economies of scale are achieved. Each of these choices requires special expertise and experience in the Indian scenario.

L&S Team

The Private Equity team in L&S consists of experienced practitioners who have handled several private equity investments in India. Attorneys in L&S have set up fund and advised on the mode of investment as also provided support in the form of ongoing portfolio assistance and restructuring in this area. L&S understands that the success of the transactions also depends heavily upon the quality of the due diligence and subsequent compliance with the law and its teams are highly trained to manage these activities. The team gets added support from other teams in the areas of tax, intellectual property, competition/anti-trust, regulatory laws and litigation during the investment and exit processes to ensure that transactions are efficient and viable.