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Representation and Litigation Services

The International Trade Division in L&S provides representation and litigation services when the industry seeks imposition of trade remedy measures. This division is engaged in advising Indian domestic producers on the most appropriate trade remedy measure available to them. It also assists domestic producers in filing applications and pursuing them with the concerned investigating authorities.

This division also provides a variety of services in opposing imposition of trade remedy measures like representing Indian exporters before the investigating authorities of other countries or representing exporters from other countries before Indian authorities. It also represents exporters from other countries before investigating authorities in third countries and Governments of exporting countries in trade remedy actions initiated by importing countries. In this area, the division assists in the filing of Response to Questionnaire besides providing assistance during the investigation phase such as furnishing replies to queries raised by the investigating authorities, appearance in hearings, comments on preliminary findings, verification reports, disclosure statements, etc.

Litigation services before judicial bodies within India are also offered by the International Trade Division. Devising litigation strategy, filing of appeals, writs and counters, appearance before the judicial bodies and similar services are covered under this category.