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International Trade Amicus: April 2017


Brexit - Invalidation of existing trade remedy measures in the EU -

Among the plethora of trade related issues that may arise on the first day of Brexit, an important issue is that of the continuation of existing trade remedy measures by the EU. Pondering over two essential elements – determination of export price and determination of injury, the author of article in this issue of Amicus is of the view that anti-dumping measures in force in the EU will be without any factual or legal basis and cannot be continued from the first day of Brexit. Further, considering couple of other arguments, the author states that EU should initiate review investigation beforehand to arrive at a revised determination of dumping and injury on the day of Brexit in all the cases where anti-dumping/countervailing duty is in force


WTO News

  • Poultry disputes – Panel report issued in EU tariff rate quotas while USA blocks India’s request to establish compliance panel
  • Ukraine questions India’s anti-dumping duty on cold rolled/cold reduced flat steel products
  • Mexico disputes Costa Rica’s restrictions on avocado imports while Turkey complains about USA’s countervailing duty on pipe and tube products
  • Panels established to review US renewable energy measures and Russian transit restrictions
  • Role of e-commerce in fostering development, discussed at WTO
  • TBT Committee meeting discusses issues concerning consumer products


Trade Remedy News

  • 1, 1, 1,2-Tetrafluoroethane or R-134a from China – India allows provisional assessment for certain new shippers during pendency of New Shipper Review
  • Aluminum Radiators, Aluminium Radiator Sub-Assemblies and Aluminium Radiator Core from China – Indian authorities (DGAD) recommend definitive anti-dumping duty
  • Clear Float Glass of specified thickness, from Iran – DGAD recommends definitive anti-dumping duty
  • Cut-to-Length Carbon-Quality Steel Plate from India – US authorities issue affirmative CVD sunset review
  • Dimethylacetamide from China and Turkey – Indian authorities initiate anti-dumping duty investigation
  • Elastomeric Filament Yarn from China, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam – DGAD recommends definitive anti-dumping duty
  • Flexible Slabstock Polyol from Thailand – India imposes definitive anti-dumping duty
  • Glassware from China and Indonesia – Indian authorities initiate anti-dumping investigation
  • Hollow Structural Sections from India – Australia resumes anti-dumping duty investigation
  • Indolinone from China – India imposes definitive anti-dumping duty after finding of circumvention of duty on Diclofenac Sodium
  • Linear Alkyl Benzene from Iran, Qatar and China – India imposes definitive anti-dumping duty
  • Phosphorus Pentoxide from China – Indian authorities initiate anti-dumping investigation
  • Polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE) from Russia – India modifies anti-dumping duty
  • Stainless Steel Wire Rods from India – US authorities issue affirmative anti-dumping duty sunset review
  • Toluene Di Isocyanate from China, Japan, Korea RP – DGAD recommends provisional anti-dumping duty
  • Veneered Engineered Wooden Flooring from China, Malaysia, Indonesia and EU – India extends time for filing questionnaire response up to 24 April, 2017


Ratio decidendi

  • Circumvention of anti-dumping duty – Delhi High Court rejects challenge to initiation of anti-circumvention investigation relating to anti-dumping duty on cold-rolled stainless steel sheets and coils, in respect of coils of width larger than 1250 mm, which were excluded from PUC during earlier investigations.


April, 2017/Issue-71 April, 2017/Issue-71

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