01 January 0001

International Trade Amicus: June 2013

Article in this June 2013 second anniversary issue of International Trade Amicus discusses how certain Indian measures relating to solar cells and modules are in violation of the WTO provisions. As per the discussion, the provisions providing for sourcing of certain minimum amount of inputs from the domestic market, discriminates between domestically produced goods and the like imported goods and hence the dispute raised by USA against India in the WTO is an open and shut case. The issue also covers Anti-dumping and Safeguard actions by India and various trade remedy measures against India. On certain restrictions put by EU on import of biodiesel, Argentina has sought consultations with EU. The Appellate Body of the DSB has held that the minimum required domestic content levels prescribed under Canada’s Feed-in-tariff Program and related contract programs are in violation of various provisions of GATT, 1994 and TRIMS. ‘News Nuggets’ in this issue of Amicus covers recommendation of the World Customs Organisation in relation to Customs valuation. As per the recommendations, the WCO has asked its members not to use Customs valuation databases to set minimum values for the purpose of Customs valuation.

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