01 January 0001

International Trade Amicus: June 2014

International Trade Amicus has completed 3 years and the June, 2014 issue is the Third Anniversary Issue of this newsletter. International standard and Indian practice relating to ‘unforeseen developments’ under safeguard law is the topic for discussion in the article. Under ‘WTO News’ this issue covers news relating to establishment of panel on solar energy dispute between India and the United States. Also discussed are DSB Appellate Body Report on seal products dispute (DS 400 / DS 401) and Panel Report on Chinese anti-dumping and countervailing duties on US automobiles.

The EU has disputed Russian duties on light automobiles from Germany and Italy, Indonesia has requested for establishment of panel against Pakistan’s measures on certain paper products and New Zealand has dragged Indonesia to DSB over its restrictions on imports of horticultural products, animals, and animal products (DS477 and DS478). All these updates are brought to readers by this issue of International Trade Amicus.

WTO released its Annual Report on 28-5-2014 and certain highlights of this report are captured in the ‘New Nuggets’ section. Request from Uruguay seeking amendment on WCO’s opinion on Customs valuation of software imported through USBs is also reported in this issue. Authorities conducting anti-dumping investigations must be informed not only of the existence and identity of companies that are related and involved in the production and sale to the European Union of the product concerned, but also of all other related companies, according to a decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). Readers can go through the summary of this decision in this issue.

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