10 April 2013

International Trade Amicus: May 2012

Bilateral Investment Treaties is the topic of discussion in this 12th issue of "International Trade Amicus". While article in this issue analyses whether protection to foreign investors under these treaties is fair and amounts to equitable treatment, USA has released its new model for its bilateral treaties which will address issues relating to transparency in regulations and laws. India has taken the United States to WTO's Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) seeking consultations on imposition of countervailing duty on certain steel from India and also on its discriminatory increase in certain visa fees. This latter dispute, under the General Agreement on Trade in Services, on movement of natural persons supplying services, is first of its kind. India's new anti-circumvention law under the anti-dumping duty provisions was also discussed last month in WTO. This issue, as in the previous issues, covers anti-dumping duty, safeguard duty and countervailing duty actions by and against India and China (see Chinese version of this Amicus).

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