17 April 2013

International Trade Amicus: October 2012

Grant of market economy status for Chinese exporters has always been a bone of contention with the investigating authorities around the world. This October 2012 issue of "International Trade Amicus" discusses a recent ECJ order distinguishing between State 'interference' and 'influence' and its effect in the light of a recent DSB panel report and the European Union's implementation of the recommendations. Some interesting findings of the Director General (Safeguards) while considering some claims for exclusion of certain products, are also part of this newsletter. In WTO, the European Union has sought for permission to impose countermeasures against USA as the latter had failed to implement the recommendations of the panel in the dispute popularly known as Boeing dispute. The WTO also discussed the growing discontent around the world on multilateral policies of various agreements while there were three more panel requests for resolution of disputes. There was also concern about increasing tariffs around the world.

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