01 January 0001

IPR Amicus: September 2015

IPR Amicus, September, 2015 covers an article titled ‘Software inventions - Examining patentability’. This article discuss about recently issued version of the Guidelines by Indian Patent Office for Examination of Computer Related Inventions.

Ratio Decidendi section of this issue covers Bombay High Court order holding that a design is infringed when all features of a product are replicated.

‘Patent Office Decisions’ section of this month’s IPR amicus summarizes the following decisions - Using clinical comparative data or clinical trial as test for establishing therapeutic efficacy under Section 3(d); Divisional patent application should not be duplication of mother application.

News Nuggets section of this issue includes two interesting news - Delhi High Court allows applicants to pursue writ remedy in different High Court and held that approaching different forum is not bench-hunting. IPO has clarified that single application is sufficient for registration of designs if all articles are covered under the same class.

September, 2015/Issue-50 September, 2015/Issue-50

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