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Seminar on Foreign Trade Policy & Export Promotion Schemes

The Institute of Business Laws, in association with Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan, is organizing seminars on Foreign Trade Policy and Export Promotion Schemes to guide exporters, importers, manufacturers and service exporters. The seminars are being held in the following places:
  • New Delhi - 12th October, 2012
  • Chennai - 2nd November, 2012
  • Bangalore - 9th November, 2012
These seminars will focus on the Annual Supplement to the Foreign Trade Policy, introduced this year, and the large scale changes in both policy and procedures. Some of the sweeping changes are
  • Cross availability of EPCG scheme with SHIS and TUFS as well as other duty remission or reward schemes
  • Maintenance of average level of exports under EPCG
  • Exemption for catalysts under EPCG 
  • Import procedure for spares under EPCG 
  • EO relaxations in case of import of specific goods under EPCG
  • Changes in Advance Authorization Scheme with respect to value addition & availability of Drawback
  • Widened coverage of Reward Schemes like SFIS, FMS, FPS and SHIS  
Apart from the recent changes, there are issues in clubbing of authorisations, set-off of EO, extension of EO period, concessions for import of vehicles, etc. which need clarity.

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