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05 June 2023

Computer program resulting in technical effect/contribution eligible for patent protection

The Delhi High Court has held that an invention should not be deemed a computer program per se merely because it involves algorithms and computer-executable instructions. According to the Court, rather, it should be assessed based on the technical advancements it offers and its practical application in solving real-world problems.


26 May 2023

Angel Tax: A proposal for reforming valuation rules

To deter generation and use of unaccounted money through subscription of shares of a closely held company, Finance Act, 2012 introduced Section 56(2)(viib) in the Income Tax Act, 1961 (‘IT Act’). The aforesaid section provided that where a closely held company receives consideration from resident investors for issue of shares at premium in excess of the fair market value (‘FMV’), then the excess consideration will be taxed as ‘income from other sources’ in the hands of the issuing company. As this provision had potential impact on angel investors in a start-up, it was colloquially referred to as ‘Angel Tax’.


24 May 2023

Credit note issued to dealer in consideration of replacement of defective part under warranty is exigible to sales tax

The Larger Bench (3-Judge Bench) of the Supreme Court has held that a credit note issued by a manufacturer to a dealer of automobiles in consideration of the replacement of a defective part in the automobile sold pursuant to a warranty agreement, being collateral to the sale of the automobile, is exigible to sales tax.

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