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Nuclear Energy Development in India: Role of Law & Legal Institutions

18th February, 2012

The Nuclear Law Association will hold its First Annual Conference, 2012 on 18th February, 2012 in New Delhi. The conference will focus on the role of law and legal institutions in India with respect to nuclear energy development.  

The conference aims to bring together legal community, policy makers, industry, civil society and non-governmental organizations and discuss as to how law can promote peaceful use of nuclear energy. The effectiveness of legal institutions in interpreting and implementing energy laws in respect of nuclear power is likely to be debated.  

Under the theme ‘Nuclear Polity, Law and Governance’, the meet will deliberate upon nuclear decision-making and the Parliament of India; international nuclear energy politics and India; and role of the states and nuclear energy development. Experts and attorneys will discuss regulatory structures and their accountability issues. International nuclear liability law and its Indian counterpart besides compensation law are also included in the agenda for discussion.
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