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Seminar on Income Tax & IPR for Auto Sector

18th November, 2011, Chennai

The seminar, with Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan, as Knowledge Partner, will discuss Income Tax issues affecting the Automotive Sector. The event also seeks to provide awareness on Intellectual Property Rights and help the auto industry to devise appropriate IP strategies.

 Corporate Tax is a key factor that is considered in any investment.  The Indian direct tax laws, pose several issues and problems to the automobile sector, ranging from recovery of project cost, exposure on the investor and contractors during the setup of project, managing supply chain, withholding taxes, transfer pricing, deductibility of expenses and tax accounting of income.  Appropriate planning could mitigate tax risk an enterprise could face.  This programme proposes to address such issues and discuss strategies that may be adopted.

Auto sector with significant R&D portfolio and cross-border transactions is at cross-roads today as far as Intellectual Property Rights are concerned. This seminar will enable the industry to devise comprehensive and effective IP strategies so that their valuable inventions including designs are protected from infringement. The discussions are aimed at assisting the automotive sector to identify and unlock true value of IP portfolio. 

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