Who We are

We are a full-service law firm based in India. The firm has offices in 14 cities and has over 400 professionals.

The firm has humble origins. It was started in 1985 in a single room set up by the two founders with no prior experience working in a law firm. Both the founders had outstanding academic records and focussed on their deep understanding of the law to form the foundation of the firm.

Even today, the firm prides itself for its commitment towards knowing the law and encouraging its professionals to be at the forefront of the latest legal developments.

An early choice that the firm made was to combine the knowledge of law with the highest ethical practices. It allows the firm to set clear boundaries within which the professionals operate with freedom.

The diversity of people makes the firm. Many of our professionals are dual qualified having studied science, engineering or accounting as their primary qualification. We work with professionals who have had significant industry or policy experience. Some of the brightest lawyers from law schools are part of the firm. A diverse mix allows the firm to collaborate effectively, address areas where law combines with technology or accounting and design solutions for the clients.

The firm believes in technology as a driver for legal services in the future. We invest heavily in technology and infrastructure, which allows our professionals and clients to work more efficiently, collaborate effectively and maintain standards. We work closely with a spectrum of technology companies from start-ups to leading technology companies to deliver value to our eco-system.

What We Do

Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan is a full-service law firm based in India. The firm has 14 offices and has over 400 professionals specializing in areas such as corporate & commercial laws, dispute resolution, taxation and intellectual property. Over the last three decades, we have worked with a variety of clients – start-ups, small & medium enterprises, large Indian corporates and multinational companies. Our professionals have experience of working in both traditional sectors such as commodities, automobile, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and modern sectors such as e-commerce, big data, renewables. We combine our knowledge of the law with industry experience to design legal solutions that our clients can implement.

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