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Intellectual Property Rights

Trademark battle over the word “PINK”

September 24 2014

The Chancery Division of the Community Trade Mark Court recently decided [see end note 1] against Victoria's Secret UK Ltd.

Banking & Finance | Mergers & Acquisitions / PE | Regulatory Laws

Recent FDI reforms in India

September 16 2014

Foreign funding is important to bridge the huge fund gap of investment in infrastructure in India, which in turn will spur economic growth. According to a recent report, the inflow of foreign direct investment (“FDI”) was US $ 28 billion in 2013, an increase of 17% over the previous year.

Incentive by State Government is disincentive to excise assessees

September 15 2014

The Supreme Court in Super Synotex [see end note1] case had considered the Sales Tax Incentive Scheme extended by State of Rajasthan.

International Trade & WTO

Emerging jurisprudence in export restraint measures in trade

September 15 2014

Export restraints generally refer to measures imposed by an exporting country on the export of certain goods which may take the form of export quotas, duties, and licensing or minimum price requirements.

Direct Tax

TDS default on payments made to non-residents – Disallowance @ 30%?

August 22 2014

Tax reforms can play a decisive role in supporting growth, by removing distortions, enhancing transparency and ensuring certain level of stability in the area of international taxation.

Intellectual Property Rights

Compulsory license – High Court upholds IPAB Order

August 22 2014

The Division Bench of the Bombay High Court by its recent order [see end note 1] dated 15th July, 2014 upheld the order of the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) [see end note 2] dated 4th March, 2013 granting a compulsory license to Natco Pharmaceuticals (Natco) under Section 84 of the Patents Act, 1970 (the Act).

Corporate Advisory

Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

August 22 2014

The Companies Act, 2013 (CA 2013) has introduced path-breaking changes in  governance mechanisms, compliances and disclosures, appointment and scope of  auditors, responsibilities of independent directors, investor protection  and mergers and acquisitions.

Compulsory pre-deposit & complete withdrawal of discretion to grant stay

August 19 2014

One of the important changes made as part of the amendments brought by Finance (No. 2) Act, 2014 is the amendment to the provisions relating to pre-deposit and grant of stay in Customs, Excise and Service Tax laws. 

International Trade & WTO

Procedural conundrum of Indian safeguard law

August 07 2014

Even though the mechanism set up by India in applying the provisions of Article XIX of GATT and Agreement on Safeguards (AOS) in India through its domestic safeguard provisions [see end note 1] satisfy the basic requirements required for its implementation, however, when compared to other countries, there remain a lot of procedural loop-holes still to be filled in to make the safeguard investigation process more transparent and clear.

International Trade & WTO

US provisions violate WTO’s SCM agreement – DSB Panel

August 07 2014

The Panel composed by Dispute Settlement Body of the World Trade Organization (Panel) in United States – Countervailing Measures on certain Hot-rolled carbon steel flat products from India released its report on 14-7-2014. The dispute was filed by India in 2012 and it relates to WTO compatibility

Intellectual Property Rights

Registration of license / assignment deed under the Patents Act - Mandatory or not?

August 07 2014

A license agreement or an assignment deed is an agreement between a right holder and the licensee and/or assignee wherein the right holder permits the licensee and/or assignee to use rights owned by the right holder in exchange for a consideration, whether in the form of a one-time settlement or a periodic royalty.

Legal status of clarifications through Budget instructions of CBEC

July 23 2014

In this year’s budget, i.e. Budget 2014-15, the Joint Secretary, Tax Research Unit [JS (TRU)-I], Central Board of Excise & Customs [‘CBEC’ or ‘Board’], has sought to clarify the legal position involving interpretation of certain Customs and Central Excise notifications through an annexure to his covering letter [see end note 1] addressed to the Chief Commissioners and Commissioners of Customs and/or Central Excise.

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