Aviation Update: November 2018

Aircraft leasing in India is highly regulated. Though various options are available, leasing requires scrutiny from the perspective of the state of registry of the aircraft, import of aircraft and usage.

Aviation Update: September 2016

Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) is a set of guidelines approved by Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) for procurement of defence equipment and technology by private players.

Aviation Update: July 2016

In order to provide impetus to “Make in India” initiative and in order to further streamline the procurement process, the Ministry of Defence released the revised Defence Procurement Procedure as on March 28, 2016(“DPP 2016”) , which is a set of guidelines for procurement of defence equipment and technology.

Aviation Update: June 2016

In order to create an ecosystem that can propel domestic & international ticketing, boost regional connectivity and simultaneously ensure safety, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has finally released the Civil Aviation Policy(“NCAP 2016”) .

Aviation Update: May 2016

India is a signatory to the Convention on International Civil Aviation of 1944, which has been an enduring multilateral treaty showing resilience and vision in the aviation sector.

Aviation Update: April 2016

Aircrafts have the nationality of the State in which they are registered and this puts onus on the State of Registry to ensure that the aircraft on its civil register follow its laws and regulations even if it is operated outside its territory. CAR Section 3 Series C Part I that was revis

Aviation Update: March 2016

The Indian Civil Aviation industry has steered into a new era of growth and the factors that drive this growth are low-cost carriers, relaxing the Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”) regime, usage of advanced information technology for safety & security, modernization of airports, growing customer base, healthy competition in the market and growing regional connectivity.

Aviation Update: February 2016

The existing Greenfield Airport Policy was notified by the central government as it was realized then that India was embarking on a high economic growth trajectory.

Aviation Update: January 2016

The Aircraft Rules, 1937 specifies that no air transport service can operate in India except with the special permission of the Director General of Civil Aviation by way of issuing a Non-scheduled Operator’s Permit and subject to such conditions it impose.

Aviation Update: December 2015

The International Health Regulations (IHR) (2005) provided a legal framework for ensuring global health security.