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Aviation Update: February 2016

The existing Greenfield Airport Policy was notified by the central government as it was realized then that India was embarking on a high economic growth trajectory. Also, the phenomenal growth in air traffic had put enormous pressure on airport infrastructure causing severe congestion at major airports and the airport services at non-metro airports were not geared for handling the increased flow of traffic. So, government had to deviate from the restrictive policy and adopt a liberalized approach towards setting up of greenfield airports with a view to bridging the growing deficit in airport infrastructure and lay down policy guidelines that would govern proposals for setting up greenfield airports. These guidelines that came in 2008 govern setting up of all airports, heliports and upgradation of airfields other than defence airports or airports set up for private use, i.e. use of the aerodrome for non-commercial purposes.

This Aviation roundup discusses the legal framework regarding greenfield airports, the process involved in setting up a greenfield airport, its development and financing, the conditions put on the license along with the tax implications thereof.

The latest notification segment discusses the notification regarding the import of aircrafts and the other notification discusses how the oversight of training programme leads to issue of type ratings by the licensing authority.


February, 2016 February, 2016

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