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Aviation Update: November 2015

The Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India has proposed a draft of the National Civil Aviation Policy, 2015. The Draft Policy states that despite the potential to be among the top nations in terms of domestic and international passenger traffic, Indian Aviation Sector, which is currently ranked 10th, has not witnessed any significant growth. Keeping this in perspective, the Draft Policy envisages providing an ecosystem, creating a level playing field to various aviation sub-sectors and providing affordable flying to the masses. It spells out its mission to provide safe, secure, affordable and sustainable air travel with access to various parts of India and the world and has, therefore, outlined four objectives of ensuring safety, enhancing regional connectivity, ease of doing business in India and promoting entire civil aviation sector chain.

This Aviation Roundup discusses the entire Draft Policy and the avenues it tries to create along with the possibilities it sees in the Indian Civil Aviation Sector. The Draft Policy is a step towards creating an effective and efficient system, more simplified and made more transparent with greater use of technology without compromising on safety and security. The latest notification segment discusses the notification regarding import/export of aircraft spares, items of equipment etc. for use on aircraft and on the voluntary and confidential reporting system, which aims to enhance aviation safety through the collection of reports on actual or potential safety deficiencies that would otherwise not be reported through other channels.


November, 2015 November, 2015

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