Corporate Amicus: April 2015

In this issue of Corporate Amicus the author in the first article questions the penal powers of SEBI. SEBI is imposing heavy penalties on companies which hampers investors’ interest and securities market. In this issue readers can also go through the article providing economic perspect

Corporate Amicus: March 2015

Merging of Forwards Markets Commission with SEBI has been taken by for discussion in March 2015 issue of Corporate Amicus. According to the author, though the proposed merger will be highly beneficial to the growth of commodities market in general and will make it open to a larger section of

Corporate Amicus: February 2015

Indian approach to taxi aggregators is the topic analysed in this month’s article in Corporate Amicus. It is stated that even though it becomes extremely difficult to make a law on each and every activity carried out in India, an exclusive law on e-commerce activity is recommended, par

Corporate Amicus: January 2015

SEBI´s Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2014 seeks to clarify the issues on Section 185 of the Companies Act, 2013 dealing with the issue of loans to the Directors by their companies.

Corporate Amicus: December 2014

SEBI´s new proposed Insider Trading Regulations is the topic of discussion this month´s Corporate Amicus.

Corporate Amicus: November 2014

Recently introduced SEBI (Real Estate Investment Trusts) Regulations, 2014 is the topic of discussion this month in Corporate Amicus-November 2014 issue.

Corporate Amicus: October 2014

‘Responsibilities of an independent director’ is the topic of discussion in this October 2014 issue of Corporate Amicus. The article in this issue holds that recent legislative measures should instill confidence in the minds of otherwise competent and capable individuals for taking unfettered deci

Corporate Amicus: September 2014

FDI in India is the topic of discussion this month. While certain recent FDI reforms in India have been elaborately discussed in this issue, Notifications and Circulars part of the Amicus covers recent decision of the Government of India to allow FDI in railway transport sector. Ministry of Corpor

Corporate Amicus: August 2014

Major obligations for companies under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provisions, as introduced by the new Companies Act, 2013, have been highlighted by the author in the article carried in the August issue of Corporate Amicus. The author says that though the principle of CSR is laudable

Corporate Amicus: July 2014

Satellite Communications Policy in India is the topic of discussion this month in Corporate Amicus. According to the author, a major overhaul in the legal and administrative policy framework governing satellite communications in India is required to achieve the dream of a “Digital India”. The se