21 March 2014

Corporate Amicus: January 2014

Bitcoins – an area not explored much - is the topic of discussion this month in Corporate Amicus – January 2014 issue. The article in this issue, discussing elaborately legal provisions present in different jurisdictions, concludes that governments should attempt at regulating the sector rather than letting it be held at ransom by hackers. Another article in this issue covers the Real Estate Bill and raises some issues which have remained unaddressed while concluding that, if implemented in its true spirit with requisite additions, the provisions may prove to be a boon for the real estate sector and consumers. This issue also contains the clarification issued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs on holding-subsidiary relationship. FDI seems to be the flavor of the flavor of the season with number of clarifications and notifications coming from Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), SEBI and the Reserve Bank of India. Under Ratio decidendi, this issue covers recent Supreme Court of India’s decision holding that court dealing with arbitration application cannot address the issue on merits.

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