Direct Tax Amicus: November 2017

RFinance Act 2006 inserted Explanation 1 to Section 40(a)(ii) of the Income Tax Act clarifying that any sum payable outside India and eligible for relief of tax under Section 90 or deduction from the income tax payable under section 91 is not allowable as a deduction under section 40 of the Income Tax Act.

Direct Tax Amicus: October 2017

Recently, the European Court of Justice (‘ECJ’), exercising arbitration procedure under Article 273 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (‘TFEU’) interpreted the term ‘debt-claims with participation in profit’ appearing in Article 11(2) of the Austro-German Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (‘DTAA’).

Direct Tax Amicus: September 2017

Valuation of inventory is not supposed to give rise to any income and therefore the same should be at lower of cost or market value.

Direct Tax Amicus: August 2017

The Mumbai Bench of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal had occasion to examine the India-Singapore DTAA in a recent judgment.

Direct Tax Amicus: July 2017

Residential status of a company was historically being determined under the Income-Tax Act based on the test of ‘control and management’ being situated in India, during the ‘whole’ of any previous year.

Direct Tax Amicus: June 2017

Pharmaceutical companies incur huge expenses in launching and promoting their products by way of gifts to medical professionals, holding conferences and distribution of promotional material.

Direct Tax Amicus: April 2017

Taxes are mandatory and necessary. Opinion, however, has been divided on the issue as to whether taxes are avoidable.

Direct Tax Amicus: May 2017

In 2012 the majority view of a Special Bench of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal had given a conclusion that disallowance under Section 40(a)(ia) can be made only to the amounts of expenditure which are payable as on the date 31st March of every year and it cannot be invoked to disallow expenditure which has been actually paid during the previous year, without deduction of TDS.

Direct Tax Amicus: March 2017

Finance Bill, 2017 proposed a number of changes like thin capitalization rules, secondary adjustments, changes in domestic transfer pricing provisions, taxation of dividend in excess of Rs. 10 lakhs in a year and so on.

Direct Tax Amicus: February 2017

Unless the party has performed or is willing to perform its obligations under the contract, and in the same sequence in which these are to be performed, it cannot be said that the provisions of Section 53A of the Transfer of Property Act will come into play on the facts of that case.