Direct Tax Amicus: March 2015

The March 2015 issue of Direct Tax Amicus is devoted to highlights of changes in the Union Budget 2015 and includes the proposal to amend test of residence using Place of Effective Management (POEM) concept, deferral of GAAR by 2 years, abolition of wealth tax, clarity on allowance of bal

Direct Tax Amicus: February 2015

The article in the February 2015 issue of Direct Tax Amicus explores the controversy on allowability of depreciation in a finance lease transaction in the light of revised accounting standards to be notified by the Indian Government. The clarification issued by the Central Board of Direct

Direct Tax Amicus: January 2015

The issue of taxation of share holder activity which sans clarification by CBDT, is often subject of dispute forms the basis of discussion in the Article section of the January 2015 issue of Direct Tax Amicus. Central purchasing authority not being beneficial owner for purpose of DTAA, taxab

Direct Tax Amicus: December 2014

The December 2014 issue of Direct Tax Amicus features an article on taxation of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts which involve complex issues like existence of Permanent Establishment (PE), whether offshore supplies are taxable as FTS and transfer pricing issues. Rat

Direct Tax Amicus: November 2014

The highlight of the November 2014 issue of Direct Tax Amicus is the discussion on transfer pricing issues as regards contract research centres in India , featured in the Article Section. The tax-payer friendly instructions issued by CBDT and clarification regarding threshold limit to approa

Direct Tax Amicus: October 2014

The article on doing business in India through liaison office (LO), in the October 2014 issue of Direct Tax Amicus highlights the need for vigilance in structuring the format of LO, while applicability of transfer pricing provisions to issue of shares, guarantee being an international transa

Direct Tax Amicus: September 2014

The September 2014 issue of Direct Tax Amicus covers criteria for selection of cases for scrutiny (Circular), decision on applicability of transfer pricing provisions to secondary adjustments, eligibility of IT enabled HR services for Section 10A deduction, taxability of services rendered by

Direct Tax Amicus: August 2014

The article in August 2014 issue of Direct Tax Amicus discusses the possible unequal treatment of non-resident on restriction of disallowance to 30% in case of TDS defaults on payments to residents. The clarification on taxation of AIFs having status of non-charitable trusts is covered under