International Trade Amicus: March 2018

DGAD has recently introduced a questionnaire format for user industry in India. It is applicable if a user industry is not related to a producer/exporter of the product under consideration in the country under investigation.

International Trade Amicus: April 2018

The United States has instituted measures imposing high duties on all imports of steel and aluminium, justifying these measures on the basis of its national security requirements.

International Trade Amicus: February 2018

Three types of reviews are contemplated under the WTO Anti-dumping Agreement and the Indian Anti-dumping Rules, 1995.

International Trade Amicus: January 2018

Delhi High Court has recently answered in affirmative the question as to whether the Designated Authority must be satisfied that prima facie some case is made out before initiating the sunset review.

International Trade Amicus: December 2017

The Supreme Court of India recently held that Ministry of Finance is required to issue the notification extending anti-dumping duty before expiry of the five-year levy, and that duty that has already lapsed cannot be extended by another notification at a later date.

International Trade Amicus: November 2017

The next Ministerial Conference of Members of the Word Trade Organization is scheduled to be held in Buenos Aires on 10-13 December 2017.

International Trade Amicus: October 2017

In today’s business environment, it is a common practice for manufacturing companies to have extended trading arms (whether related or unrelated) which may be established in different countries for managing the export business.

International Trade Amicus: August 2017

Cold rolled flat products of stainless steel of width above 1250mm were being imported into India and thereafter were slit into flat sheets of lesser width, to avoid anti-dumping duty.

International Trade Amicus: July 2017

Article 19.1 of the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Understanding obliges the Member to amend or withdraw the duty, found to be inconsistent with any agreement.

International Trade Amicus: June 2017

India and the European Union have been negotiating a bilateral free trade agreement known as the Broad-based Trade and Investment Agreement (BTIA) since 2007, with the last round happening in 2013.