International Trade Amicus: March 2013

Do various Indian schemes placing a requirement of domestic content violate WTO provisions? Article in this issue of International Trade Amicus concludes that the Indian FDI Policy in multi-brand retail calling for domestic content is inconsistent with Article 2.1 of the TRIMs (Trade Related Inves

International Trade Amicus: February 2013

Exemption from anti-dumping duty and the government’s power under the Customs Act to grant exemption from anti-dumping duty is the subject for analysis this month. Article in this February, 2013 issue of the International Trade Amicus considers the question deliberating upon the issue as to whethe

International Trade Amicus: January 2013

Article in this January 2013 issue of International Trade Amicus discusses consequences of de minimus dumping margin. As per the article, procedures being followed in India are not in line with the decisions of World Trade Organisation’s DSB panel on the question of inclusion of exporters having d

International Trade Amicus: January 2012

WTO's dispute settlement mechanism and its effectiveness to provide solutions to trade disputes are discussed this month. Article in this issue of "International Trade Amicus", suggesting penalty before imposition of sanctions, also states that some innovative solutions have to be found out. In WT

International Trade Amicus: February 2012

India's new anti-circumvention rule is the topic for discussion this month. Whether these rules, which are set to tighten the anti-dumping provisions, would lead to sudden spurt in anti-dumping investigations? In WTO, the DSB Appellate Body has held that China's export restrictions on certain raw

International Trade Amicus: March 2012

This March 2012 issue of "International Trade Amicus" covers article on anti-dumping duty assessment and combination rates which states that use of combination rates on apprehension of dumping by reseller would result in unnecessary prejudice to producers who are ready to cooperate but are subject

International Trade Amicus: April 2012

This issue of "International Trade Amicus" analyses time limit for anti-dumping investigations and India's practice in this regard. Article in this April 2012 issue ponders over whether it is permissible for investigating authority to re-look into investigation after 18 month deadline? In WTO, bot

International Trade Amicus: May 2012

Bilateral Investment Treaties is the topic of discussion in this 12th issue of "International Trade Amicus". While article in this issue analyses whether protection to foreign investors under these treaties is fair and amounts to equitable treatment, USA has released its new model for its bilatera

International Trade Amicus: June 2012

This first anniversary issue of the "International Trade Amicus" discusses India's measures to impose definitive anti-dumping duty retrospectively from the date of provisional levy after expiry of the latter. In WTO, USA's dolphin safe labels were found to be violative of the Technical Barriers to

International Trade Amicus: Previous Editions

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International Trade Amicus: July 2012

The Indian system of New Shipper Review under the anti-dumping investigations has various lacunae. The provisions give wide discretionary powers to the investigating authorities. The issues like prospective period of investigation, time period for completing investigation, multiplicity of investig

International Trade Amicus: August 2012

Anti-dumping duty is imposed at 'all other rates' on the exporters who had not participated in the investigations. But, after the recent DSB panel report the investigating authorities are required to revisit their current practices though there is a lacuna in the Anti-dumping Agreement itself. On