International Trade Amicus: November 2014

This issue brings to readers an article on the ongoing dispute relating to USA’s certain Country of Origin Labelling Requirements (COOL), as raised by Canada and Mexico.

International Trade Amicus: October 2014

Refund of anti-dumping duty as a result of review investigation has been taken up for discussion by the author in the article carried in this issue of International Trade Amicus. According to the author, procedural dichotomy in the law is required to be remedied through harmonious reading of the p

International Trade Amicus: September 2014

Export restraints and growing concern among WTO Members relating to the same is the topic of discussion this month. Article in this issue of International Trade Amicus while discussing two recent WTO DSB reports concerning export restrictions, holds that the question of whether export restraints c

International Trade Amicus: August 2014

Procedural conundrum of Indian safeguard law has been taken up for discussion in the Article section of this issue. According to the author, even though mechanism has been set up by India in applying the provisions of Article XIX of GATT and Agreement on Safeguards (AOS), yet lot of procedural loo

International Trade Amicus: July 2014

Article in this issue of International Trade Amicus discusses at length investment protection as being enshrined more and more in Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). The article states that though divergence between a nation’s domestic laws and the provisions in international treaties is not something n

International Trade Amicus: June 2014

International Trade Amicus has completed 3 years and the June, 2014 issue is the Third Anniversary Issue of this newsletter. International standard and Indian practice relating to ‘unforeseen developments’ under safeguard law is the topic for discussion in the article. Under ‘WTO News’ this issue

International Trade Amicus: May 2014

A brief analysis of the recently issued final findings in the safeguard review investigation on imports of PX-13 also known as 6 PPD into India, issued by the Directorate General of Safeguards has been taken by the author in the ‘Article’ section of this issue. The author is of the view that this

International Trade Amicus: April 2014

Technical Barriers to Trade or TBT as non-tariff barriers form the subject matter of discussion in the article published in International Trade Amicus this month. The author is of the view that in recent years, there has been a proliferation in the usage of technical regulations, standards and con

International Trade Amicus: March 2014

Article in this issue of Tax Amicus discusses elaborately provisional anti-dumping measures being imposed by India. According to the article, the provisions are often misused and hence there is a need to make specific provision fixing an upper limit for imposition of provisional measures. Table on

International Trade Amicus: February 2014

Limitations under Article X of the GATT, 1994 and how they have been to an extent overcome in the recently concluded Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) is the topic of discussion this month. First article this month concludes that TFA would improve movement and clearance of goods as a result of in