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International Trade Amicus: August 2015

August 2015 issue of International Trade Amicus covers an article titled ‘Transparency and Confidentiality in AD Investigation’. In this article, the author discusses about the basic requirements in an anti-dumping duty investigation to establish the volume and value of the imports (of the goods) under investigation.

Like the previous issues, this issue of this Amicus also includes trade remedy measures taken by India as well as those taken against India. WTO News section of this Amicus covers a panel report stating that the United States acted inconsistently with its obligations to import of animals and meat from Argentina and thus violated the SPS Agreement. Further, 54 member countries have moved closer to a deal to expand Information Technology Agreement (ITA) and this development has been reported in this issue.

Ratio Decidendi portion of this Amicus covers slip opinion of the US Court of International Trade holding that the Department of Commerce has to apply differential pricing analysis to determine whether the examined foreign exporters were engaged in targeted dumping. This portion also includes judgment of CJEU holding that a general reference to international agreements in the law is not sufficient to establish that the EU legislature intends to implement particular obligations.

‘News Nuggets’ brings to readers two interesting news - Australia proposes new green-gold standard for Country Of Origin Labelling and Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) has failed to reach an agreement in the recently concluded talks at Hawaii.

August, 2015/Issue-51 August, 2015/Issue-51

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