19 April 2013

International Trade Amicus: December 2012

USA has raised visa fees for companies hiring more than 50% foreign labour. Would the move withstand WTO scrutiny? Article in this December 2012 issue of "International Trade Amicus" discusses various aspects of General Agreement in Trade in Services (GATS) and concludes how the law will not be a hindrance in case dispute goes to WTO. In WTO, EU has finally settled banana dispute with Latin American countries while China has requested for consultations with EU on domestic content requirement of the latter in the renewable energy generation sector. Developing countries have sought for relaxation in the Agriculture Rules on public stockholding for food security purposes and for domestic food aid. Separate Rules have also been sought to deal with currency fluctuations that impair commitments. Least Developed Countries (LDCs) have requested for time to comply with TRIPS provisions. EU’s temporary suspension of its new controversial carbon emission tax on airlines is also covered in this issue.

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