01 January 0001

International Trade Amicus: December 2014

The article in this month´s issue of International Trade Amicus does a comparative analysis of the procedures of conducting a hearing in an anti-dumping investigation. This article seeks to compare the anti-dumping law enacted by European Union, South Africa and Pakistan in respect of conducting oral hearing and conclude by comparing the law in these countries with the law adopted by India. Under WTO news, this issue covers news on Peru´s additional duty on certain agricultural products being found to be in violation of WTO provisions and USA´s anti-dumping measures on shrimp from Viet Nam to be in violation of Anti-dumping Agreement.

Ratio decidendi part of this newsletter covers a recent decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union rejecting the plea of exclusion of polyester coated ceramic mugs from the levy of anti-dumping duty covering ceramic tableware and kitchenware from China. The tables, as in the earlier issues, listing new trade remedy measures by and against India are also part of the newsletter.


December, 2014/Issue-43 December, 2014/Issue-43

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