14 May 2013

International Trade Amicus: January 2013

Article in this January 2013 issue of International Trade Amicus discusses consequences of de minimus dumping margin. As per the article, procedures being followed in India are not in line with the decisions of World Trade Organisation’s DSB panel on the question of inclusion of exporters having de minimus dumping margin, in injury analysis and in review proceedings. Under WTO news, this issue covers latest DSB panel report on the Canadian measures in the renewable energy generation sector. According to the panel, domestic content requirement in the said measures are violative of provisions of TRIMS Agreement and the GATT, 1994. A panel has also been established on USA’s countervailing and anti-dumping measures on certain Chinese products, while Panama has sought consultations with Argentina on latter’s certain trade measures, alleging same to be discriminatory. Shrimp producers of the United States have sought relief from subsidized shrimp imports from India along with 5 other countries and the US Court of International Trade has upheld the Department of Commerce’s argument that “Zeroing” can be used to calculate dumping margin in reviews.

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