05 September 2015

International Trade Amicus: July 2015

July 2015 issue of International Trade Amicus covers an article titled ‘Courting balance between investor and host-State in ISDS’. In this article, the author discusses different approaches to ensure investor protection without compromising on certain sovereign rights of a State.

Like the previous issues, this Amicus also includes trade remedy measures by and against India. WTO News section of this Amicus covers findings of DSB Panel holding Ukrainian Safeguard measures on cars as violative of the Safeguard Agreement and initiation of dispute by Vietnam against the Indonesian Safeguard measures on steel imports. WTO’s report stating that G20 trade measures show a slight deceleration and that the world trade in merchandise will grow in 2015 and 2016, is also covered here.

Ratio Decidendi portion of this Amicus covers EU’s General Court Order upholding adjustment of commissions paid by the manufacturer to related exporter, in export price, while declining presence of single economic entity.

News Nuggets brings to readers information on introduction of automatic termination period for anti-dumping duties as proposed by New Zealand. News relating to Free Trade Agreement signed between Australia and China in terms of better access for dairy sector, horticulture and energy products is also part of this Amicus.

July, 2015/Issue-50 July, 2015/Issue-50

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