IPR Amicus: March 2024

One of the permissible ways of amendments to claims and/or specification is to incorporate suitable disclaimers during the patent prosecution and at the post grant stage.

IPR Amicus: February 2024

There are two discernible facets when a celebrity wants to protect their personality rights: first, the right to protect one’s image from being commercially exploited without permission by treating it as a tort of passing off; mainly termed as publicity rights...

IPR Amicus: January 2024

The first article in this issue of IPR Amicus covers a recent decision of the Madhya Pradesh High Court which has held that a suit for infringement of Geographical Indication tags is maintainable...

IPR Amicus: December 2023

The article in this issue of IPR Amicus discusses a recent Madras High Court decision against a refusal order for registration of the mark ‘Inimox’ considering an opposition by the owner of mark ‘Imox’...

IPR Amicus: November 2023

The article in this issue of IPR Amicus explores the scope of patentability and infringement concerning product-by-process claims with a specific emphasis on the recent two decisions of the Delhi High Court.

IPR Amicus: October 2023

Dr. Katalin Kariko and Dr. Drew Weissman have been named the winners of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for their innovations concerning nucleoside base modifications that enabled the development of effective mRNA vaccines against COVID-19.

IPR Amicus: September 2023

Draft Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2023 notified

IPR Amicus: August 2023

In recent years Geographical Indications (‘GIs’) has emerged as one of the most important instruments for protecting the ‘quality, reputation or other character of goods essentially attributable to their geographical origin’.

IPR Amicus: July 2023

The article in this issue of IPR Amicus discusses a recent decision of the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court which has set aside an order passed by the Controller of Patents and Designs refusing the grant of patent for treatment of a plant disease, ...

IPR Amicus: June 2023

The article in this issue of IPR Amicus discusses the application of the Swissness Act, 2017 which regulates the use of Swiss symbols or labels which associate the products and services with Switzerland.