IPR Amicus: August 2013

August 2013 issue, the second anniversary issue of IPR Amicus, opens with a discussion on working of patents in India. ‘Ratio Decidendi’ section features the case of Sudarshan Chemical Industries in the UK High Court on obviousness while combining sample with prior art and the order of the Intelle

IPR Amicus: July 2013

In the July 2013 issue of IPR Amicus, the IPAB decision in Electronic Navigation Research Institute reiterating bar on patentability under Section 3 (k) on mathematical methods is discussed in the ‘Article’ section. A special feature of this issue is the report on two major decisions of the IPAB i

IPR Amicus: June 2013

The judgments of Delhi High Court on protection under common law for design rights and broadcasting rights are discussed in the context of quasi-property rights in the Article Section. The June 2013 issue of IPR Amicus features case law in Myriad on patentability of naturally occurring genes and a

IPR Amicus: May 2013

The 'Ratio decidendi' section of IPR Amicus, May 2013 summarises the decision of the US Supreme Court (Bowman v Monsanto) on patent exhaustion besides Indian cases on obviousness for patent and twin test of prior use and confusion in respect of trademarks. The ‘Articles’ section features a discuss

IPR Amicus: April 2013

The implications of posting of patent applications are discussed in the Article section of IPR Amicus - April 2013. Ratio decidendi covers the Delhi High Court larger bench decision on registration of designs abroad besides decision on passing off in domain names and the English Court decision tha

IPR Amicus: March 2013

Two articles are featured in IPR Amicus - March 2013. The first article discusses Foreign Filing License requirements particularly for first filing in a foreign country. The second article is on the Delhi High Court order restoring a trademark after 29 years, reinstating the rights of the register

IPR Amicus: February 2013

A discussion on the cancellation of a registered design on the ground of prior registration abroad is one of the highlights of February 2013 issue of IPR Amicus. The ‘Ratio decidendi’ section includes the CJEU decision on the mark ‘steam glide’ for iron as being descriptive, IPAB decision on divis

IPR Amicus: January 2013

An analysis of the rights of co-owners under Indian Patents Act is presented in the Article section of IPR Amicus January 2013 issue. Ratio decidendi section covers case law on trademark protection to marginally tweaked marks, relevance of prior use of mark in different jurisdiction and decision o

IPR Amicus: July 2012

Copyright (Amendment) Act, 2012 bringing major changes like performer's rights, protection of technological measures and compulsory licensing for benefit of the disabled is the highlight of this issue. Various issues in patent translation covering India, Europe and USA are discussed in the article

IPR Amicus: August 2012

This is the First Anniversary issue of IPR Amicus. Focussing on practical issues in filing and obtaining patent protection, the article in this issue, analyses pendency of patent applications in India. Case law on post-grant opposition, use of laudatory expression as trademark, SPC for new applica