IPR Amicus: February 2015

Article in this issue of IPR Amicus discusses at length process patent litigation in the pharma sector. The author notes that it will be interesting to see if courts continue to employ intermediates as the criteria or if parties are able to convince the courts of other parameters to ascertai

IPR Amicus: January 2015

An overview of Design registration in India is provided by the Article in this January 2015 issue of IPR Amicus.

IPR Amicus: December 2014

Article in this December 2014 issue of IPR Amicus discusses elaborately, recent order of Delhi High Court on rules for determining deceptive similarity and consequent trademark infringement when the conflicting trademarks under consideration are composite marks i.e. marks comprising more than one element.

IPR Amicus: November 2014

Delhi High Court has recently upheld order of the Single Judge that revocation of a patent is not automatic under Section 64(1)(m) of the Patents Act, 1970 and that it is open to the court to examine whether the omission to furnish information under Section 8 of the Act was deliberate or intentional.

IPR Amicus: October 2014

Bombay High Court’s recent Order holding that use as trademark is sine qua non to claim honest concurrent use , is the subject of the article covered in this month’s IPR Amicus. It is noted here that entire purpose behind the enactment of Section 12 of the Trade Marks Act is to ensure that genuine

IPR Amicus: September 2014

Recent decision of the Chancery Division of the Community Trade Mark Court in the dispute concerning a trademark battle over the word “PINK”, is elaborately discussed in this September 2014 issue of IPR Amicus. Ratio decidendi in this issue covers important Bombay High Court Order holding that t

IPR Amicus: August 2014

Bombay High Court’s Order upholding the order of Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) granting compulsory license to an anti-cancer drug, has been elaborately discussed in this issue of IPR Amicus. According to the author, this decision has paved the way for more applications of compulsory

IPR Amicus: July 2014

The July issue of IPR Amicus begins with an article containing discussion on a recent Delhi High Court decision concerning registration of license / assignment deed under the Patents Act. According to the author, the practice of staying proceedings pending determination of registration of the lice

IPR Amicus: June 2014

“Is new hardware required for patenting computer implemented inventions in India?” – this is the question posed by the author in the ‘Article’ section of IPR Amicus – June, 2014. Discussing an order of the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB), the author concludes that the law does not man

IPR Amicus: May 2014

The High Court of Madras, in a recent decision, considered the popular issue of interface between copyright and design protection in case of an artistic work and this order forms the basis for discussion in the article published in this issue of IPR Amicus. The ‘Ratio Decidendi’ column analyses