IPR Amicus: June 2014

“Is new hardware required for patenting computer implemented inventions in India?” – this is the question posed by the author in the ‘Article’ section of IPR Amicus – June, 2014. Discussing an order of the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB), the author concludes that the law does not man

IPR Amicus: May 2014

The High Court of Madras, in a recent decision, considered the popular issue of interface between copyright and design protection in case of an artistic work and this order forms the basis for discussion in the article published in this issue of IPR Amicus. The ‘Ratio Decidendi’ column analyses

IPR Amicus: April 2014

IPR Amicus brings to readers an article on Indian statutory scenario in respect of prosecution for infringement of trade mark, under the provisions of Prevention of Money Laundering Act or the PMLA. The author notes that compared to punishment for such offence under other laws, the addition of tra

IPR Amicus: March 2014

The article section of the March 2014 issue of IPR Amicus features two articles – a discussion on the Patent (Amendment Rules) 2014 and definition of small entities, and the emphasis on principles of natural justice by the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB). Ratio decidendi carries decis

IPR Amicus: February 2014

The shifting battleground between innovator drugs and biosimilars in India is discussed in the article section of IPR Amicus, February 2014. Delhi High Court ruling on whether copyright can be claimed in pranic healing, its performance, etc., and UK High Court ruling against use of key words amoun

IPR Amicus: January 2014

Trademark questions in adwars , as in Pepsodent Germicheck v. Colgate Strong Teeth form part of the discussion in the Article section in January 2014 issue of IPR Amicus. The Ratio Decidendci column covers a number of interesting cases right from registration under the Insecticides Act when patent

IPR Amicus: December 2013

December 2013 issue of IPR Amicus carries an article on scope of Extant Notified Variety under the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act, 2001. The classification of goods and services published by the Indian Trademark Registry and the Guidelines for functioning under Madrid Protoc

IPR Amicus: November 2013

An interesting discussion on the reform of Brazilian patent law inspired by Indian laws like disallowance of patents on new forms of known substances, is featured in the Article section of November 2013 issue of IPR Amicus. Ratio Decidendi includes rejection of application for compulsory license,

IPR Amicus: October 2013

Exemption to use of patented products, process for research or Bolar exemption, grant of marketing approval for generics and patent linkage in India form the topics for discussion in the article section of October 2013 issue of IPR Amicus. The Ratio Decidendi section features the Delhi High Court

IPR Amicus: September 2013

The September 2013 issue of IPR Amicus features a discussion on the applicability of Hot News Doctrine in India as decided by the Delhi High Court. IPAB decision on onus of proof on applicant of proposed to use mark, ineligibility of descriptive word Snax for registration in respect of light foods