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IPR Amicus: January 2015

An overview of Design registration in India is provided by the Article in this January 2015 issue of IPR Amicus. It is stated that in India, the registration procedure is relatively fast and less expensive, and the rights obtained are equally effective as the other forms of IP rights.

Under Statutory Update, this issue covers recent decision of the Indian Patent Office to increase the official fees for design filing, prosecution, and maintenance. Ratio decidendi covers judgment of the Larger Bench of the Bombay High Court holding that validity of trademark can be questioned in an infringement suit. It was held that Court can go into the question of validity of registration of the plaintiff´s trademark at an interlocutory stage when the defendant takes up the defence of invalidity of the said registration in an infringement suit.

Under News Nuggets, the issue covers the first draft of the National IPR Policy on 19-12-2014 by the IPR Think Tank.


January, 2015/Issue-42 January, 2015/Issue-42


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