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IPR Amicus: June 2019

Design protection - Mere placement of few different straps, holes or combination of colours not enough
by Ashna Pruthi

Delhi High Court has recently set aside its ex-parte ad-interim injunction in relation to design protection. Plaintiff had earlier registered a design for footwear (slipper) in 2017 and claimed the design to be novel. On direction of the Single Judge, a survey was carried out wherein various third parties selling products bearing the identical design were found. Single Judge observed that results of market survey established identical design available in the market. It was observed that the claiming and disclaiming of combination of colours and placement of MRP tag before the court and at the prosecution stage respectively shows the inconsistent stand taken by the Plaintiff. The Court held that plaintiff’s design is common to trade and lacks novelty. According to the author, the instant case shows that in determining the novelty or originality of a design, mere placement of few different straps, holes on a design or claims on a certain combination of colours would not afford protection…

Ratio decidendi

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News Nuggets

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June, 2019/Issue-93 June, 2019/Issue-93

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