Tax Amicus: June 2018

GST and amortization – An unceasing connection By Brijesh Kothary and Nikhil Agarwal CBIC has recently clarified certain issues involving job work includin

Tax Amicus: May 2018

Advance Rulings under GST – Certain questions of law By Dr. G. Gokul Kishore GST made its entry in July, 2017. To facilitate trade on issues relating to liability or credit or cla

Tax Amicus: March 2018

It is important to decide whether supplies are to be treated as intra-State supplies or inter-State supplies for payment of correct type of tax.

Tax Amicus: April 2018

Job workers use moulds and dies provided to them by their principals. Whether amortised value of such moulds should be included by job workers in the job charges for discharging GST? The authors have attempted to answer this question in the light of recent clarification by the department.

Tax Amicus: February 2018

Amendments in the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 which govern the pre-packed commodities, have come into effect from 1-1-2018.

Tax Amicus: January 2018

Parties to contract generally incorporate their expectation in terms of damage caused by failure of either party to perform its obligations completely or as per the agreed terms.

Tax Amicus: December 2017

Vouchers are instruments which are redeemable on its face value against supply of goods or services. Though legislature has sought to tax vouchers under the GST regime, there are unresolved problems which may lead to controversy in the near future.

Tax Amicus: November 2017

Section 54(3) of the Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 (‘the CGST Act’), provides for refund of any unutilised input tax credit (ITC) in two scenarios.

Tax Amicus: October 2017

GST law whether clearly indicates the person who is obliged to pay tax in a transaction involving services provided by a shipping line located outside India to an exporter located outside India for the purpose of transporting goods to an importer located in India?

Tax Amicus: September 2017

Other than filing of GST Returns, issue relating to appropriate classification of goods and services and their tax rates is one of the many burning issues which require immediate action.