Tax Amicus: October 2017

GST law whether clearly indicates the person who is obliged to pay tax in a transaction involving services provided by a shipping line located outside India to an exporter located outside India for the purpose of transporting goods to an importer located in India?

Tax Amicus: September 2017

Other than filing of GST Returns, issue relating to appropriate classification of goods and services and their tax rates is one of the many burning issues which require immediate action.

Tax Amicus: August 2017

The Legislature has retained the concept of ‘bundled services’ under the erstwhile Service Tax regime as ‘composite supply’ and has further broadened its scope to include supply of goods as well under the new GST regime.

Tax Amicus: July 2017

According to the GST laws, any assessee can seek clarification on specific matters or questions relating to the supply of goods or services or both from the AAR.

Tax Amicus: June 2017

India is on the verge of ushering in a tax revolution with GST marking its entry in the Indian economic and political horizon.

Tax Amicus: April 2017

The concept of way bill and the requirement for every consignment to be accompanied by a way bill has been retained under the GST regime, albeit electronically.

Tax Amicus: May 2017

Article GST liability on transfer/disposal of assets in lieu of tax liability: European Union’s Court of Justice has recently held that transfer of tangible property to the State Treasury in settlement of arrears of taxes is a transa

Tax Amicus: March 2017

India’s decade long wait for a national tax on supply of goods and services that will create one of the world’s biggest single market could be almost over by July 1.

Tax Amicus: February 2017

GST implementation is likely to be the biggest change in Indian tax history, and hence it becomes vital for every business to gear itself for smooth transition from the existing regime to GST regime.

Tax Amicus: January 2017

One of the perennial issues in taxation of goods is the determination of the nature of transaction as inter-State sale subject to Central Sales Tax or local sale subject to VAT.