Tax Amicus: February 2016

Since the age old excise concepts like those on taxable event of ‘manufacture’ continue to evolve even today, the article in this issue attempts to highlight the concept or test of manufacture in the light of recent key decisions of the Supreme Court and seeks to give an overview of the possible outcomes.

Tax Amicus: January 2016

Determination of ‘place of removal’ for the purpose of inclusion of freight and insurance charges in assessable value, under Central Excise Law is one issue which keeps evolving and at the same time baffles not just the assessee but also the Department, Tribunal and Courts.

Tax Amicus: December 2015

December 2015 issue of Tax Amicus brings to readers two articles. While the first talks about various issues in the recently notified Swachh Bharat Cess, the second article is on interest liability in case where duty is paid before finalisation of provisional assessment.

Tax Amicus: November 2015

Valuation of composite goods under VAT laws is the subject for discussion under Article section in the November 2015 issue of Tax Amicus.

Tax Amicus: October 2015

Will GST continue with distortions of existing tax structure? Article in this issue of Tax Amicus discusses various complications of the existing indirect tax structure and concludes that the transition into GST may not be as smooth for the industry as is generally made out in certain media presentations.

Tax Amicus: September 2015

September issue of Tax Amicus covers an article which discusses the question as to whether ‘Total’ Cenvat credit is to be considered for reversal formula under Rule 6 of Cenvat Credit Rules. According to the author, where inputs or input services are exclusively used in the manuf

Tax Amicus: August 2015

Article Section of this month’s Tax Amicus carries an article titled ‘Refund of excess customs duty paid under self-assessment system’. This article discusses about the issues and implications in obtaining refund under the Indian Customs law when the importer is required to

Tax Amicus: July 2015

Tax Amicus of July 2015 covers an article on ‘GST and centralized registration’. In this article the author briefly discusses and shares thoughts on the probable impact of GST on service providers who have opted for centralized service tax registration at present. Noti

Tax Amicus: June 2015

Department of Consumer Affairs has amended Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 and the article included in June, 2015 issue of Tax Amicus discusses in detail the amendments made, and elaborates as to how these changes have opened a Pandora’s box of practical difficulties

Tax Amicus: May 2015

The new Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) has introduced a specific provision in Para 3.15 clarifying that exporters shall be entitled for duty drawback of the basic customs duty apart from the Cenvat credit or duty drawback of additional duties of customs debited in the scrip. In view of this prov