Tax Amicus: June 2015

Department of Consumer Affairs has amended Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 and the article included in June, 2015 issue of Tax Amicus discusses in detail the amendments made, and elaborates as to how these changes have opened a Pandora’s box of practical difficulties

Tax Amicus: May 2015

The new Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) has introduced a specific provision in Para 3.15 clarifying that exporters shall be entitled for duty drawback of the basic customs duty apart from the Cenvat credit or duty drawback of additional duties of customs debited in the scrip. In view of this prov

Tax Amicus: April 2015

Service Tax is leviable on all services other than services which are specified under the negative list but trading (which is buying and selling of goods) is not a service and therefore it is specified under the negative list. This is to overcome the recent judgment of CESTAT, Ahmedabad in w

Tax Amicus: March 2015

Latest amendment in the notification relating to exemption for supplies to International Competitive Bidding has been analysed by the author in the article in this issue. According to the article, domestic manufacturers may place reliance on the words “mutatis mutandis” in the pr

Tax Amicus: February 2015

Transfer of Status Holder Incentive Scrip (SHIS) is the topic of discussion in this month’s article. Discussing the question as to whether mere issuance of sale invoice in favour of broker / intermediary by the seller status holder would amount to transfer of scrip, the author is of th

Tax Amicus: January 2015

The dispute regarding determination of place of provision of entertainment to find out the jurisdiction of State which has the power to levy Entertainment Tax is discussed at length by the author in the article covered in this month´s issue of Tax Amicus.

Tax Amicus: December 2014

Will compliance costs actually go down with introduction of GST? The article in this month’s issue of the Tax Amicus while analyzing GST set-up in different countries concludes that though the GST story has not fully been told as yet, it is perhaps right time for the trade to study the likely impact of GST on their compliance costs, and represent to the Empowered Committee and the Government before it is too late.

Tax Amicus: November 2014

Offshore sale transactions and their treatment under the Central Sales Tax regime has been taken up for in-depth analysis in this November 2014 issue of Tax Amicus.

Tax Amicus: October 2014

Issues relating to time limit for availment of Cenvat credit, as introduced recently, have been taken up for analysis in October 2014 issue of Tax Amicus. According to the author, there are number of issues like, time limit in case of re-credit, delayed receipt of goods from job worker, credit ava

Tax Amicus: September 2014

Incentives by various Indian provincial or State Governments to manufacturers under regional Sales Tax or VAT provisions are discussed in the Article section of Tax Amicus this month. The author throws light on how these incentives are increasingly becoming disincentives to assessees under Central