26 September 2013

US not to impose countervailing duty on Indian shrimp

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) has, on 20-9-2013, determined finally that U.S. industry is neither materially injured nor threatened with material injury by imports of frozen warm water shrimp from India. The order covers import of such goods from China, Ecuador, Malaysia and Vietnam also. The Department of Commerce will not, therefore, issue orders imposing Countervailing duty (CVD) on such imports.

Earlier the US authorities, on the basis of petition by Coalition of Gulf Shrimp Industries had, on 28-12-2013, initiated countervailing duty investigation and the US ITC had, on 11-2-2013, held that that there was reasonable indication that the industry in the US was materially injured by such imports.  

The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) in its final determination, on 13-8-2013, finding countervailable subsidization in case of such imports, had held that two specified Indian companies had received subsidy rates of 10.54% and 11.14%. A subsidy rate of 10.84% was assigned to all other producers/exporters in India. CVD cash deposit @ 5.91% initially imposed, in May 2013 after the preliminary finding of DOC, on said products from India was slightly cut down to 5.85% in August 2013.


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